I’m sure you’ve heard people say, this person “is a screw-up” or this person “will never succeed”.

That creates an incredibly toxic environment. I’ve talked previously about the mistake people make by enabling a person, but there’s also a mistake that can be made by constantly de-stabilizing a person. When a person struggles with something like keeping a job or drinking or using drugs or has yet to finish a project, people tend to think it will always be that way.

If you have committed yourself to change and have made the choice to move forward in a new and healthier direction and the result of interactions with certain people is never positive, you really shouldn’t interact with those people any longer. You will find in life that some people can only get their value by keeping others down.

Yes, I understand removing someone from your life can be hard and very difficult but if you end up repeatedly hurt, physically or emotionally, it will be almost impossible for you to flourish if you keep them close.

Because life, relationships and habits often intertwine, when you set a goal to change one thing in your life, sometimes you have to change many to get there.

REMEMBER: Courage isn’t never feeling fear. It’s feeling fear and doing it anyway!


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