We often seem to have these, so called automatic thoughts about ourselves and our lives. When the thoughts translate into working towards healthy goals, thinking positively and allowing ourselves to feel the benefits of our environments, those thoughts are a gift.

However, when we backslide, get depressed and start thinking negatively, we create unhealthy scenarios because subconsciously we have already “decided” that whatever positive thing we want isn’t going to work.

The proverbial self-fulfilling prophet can be your guardian angel or the devil on your shoulder. Life has been stressful for quite a few months now. A new state, the move , a new job, surgery, etc… For the last week I’ve been walking around with what felt like a blood choking knot in my gut, refusing to release as I struggled to take a deep breath because I was anticipating the next thing that I was going to have to deal with.

So I flicked that devil off my shoulder, reevaluated the past few months and realized that if I hadn’t moved and gotten the new job, I would not have been able to heal so well from my surgery. As I sit here writing this article, taking the deep breaths I’ve been missing, I imagine that little self-fulfilling prophet crumpling up the old script and writing a new, positive path for me to follow.

Tonight I will sleep better, KNOWING it will be a better day!


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