The emotional perfect storm comes rolling in. Depression, anger and anxiety. It overwhelms. It is very hard to explain it to someone that has never experienced it.

It’s a battle between logic and emotion. Logically I know it will pass. Emotionally it is terminal and the pain is unbearable. It takes my breath away.

It comes from nowhere, like a tornado after a slight rainstorm. It is devastating when it comes through, leaves a trail of devastation and I am left alone to clean up the mess. I go through the motions on the outside, to keep my job, to not worry my family and friends, but inside I’m losing the war. I wait for the next tornado that I know is coming to finish me off.

Then, suddenly the clouds part, the sun shines through and a glimmer of hope comes creeping in. My mind is clearing, my heart hurts less and I can breathe. I am weary from the fight, even a little bruised but overall I am intact. It is time, not to rebuild as I once was but to build stronger. Another storm will come but the calm between storms keeps getting longer, each trail of devastation gets shorter and I continue to get stronger.


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