So many times we find ourselves putting our life on hold to handle someone else’s drama. We fall into the trap thinking we don’t have a choice only to come out of the storm realizing that we did. Hindsight and all that!

It’s important to make a healthier choice beforehand rather than coping with regret. So ask yourself some basic questions beforehand.

◦ Will helping this person put me at risk physically or emotionally?

◦ Will I still be able to work towards my goals?

◦ Am I helping them be a good and healthy version of themselves?

We often give in to our loved ones because we don’t want them to be upset with us or we want them to see our value. Well I have tested and retested getting value from others and IT DOESN’T WORK! You can take pleasure out of someone else seeing your value but you must learn to value yourself first.

Giving someone else the power to determine your value is very dangerous. For example, if they devalue you instead of value you, you end up as a shell of a person.

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