a woman feeling sad

Someone was trying to explain to me that throughout their life they never “saw” a future. They didn’t mean they didn’t want one or they were too depressed to see one. They genuinely meant they couldn’t see a future. Knowing this couple, I think it was because, like many people, due to major childhood challenges, they grew up in a type of survival mode and they just lived their lives like that.

Now I should stop here and tell you that these people are some of the strongest people I know and they set an example of what it means to be fearless when taking a new path.

But I realized something as I was listening to them. They got very emotional about it because they looked at not being able to see a future as a negative thing, because they think in some important way it held themselves back. Well in my opinion, them not being able to see tomorrow is what made them fearless! I think that is one of the greatest things about them and it does give me a sense of sadness that they think of it as a negative.

They’ve accomplished so much in their lives and have so much to be proud of and although they had an inability to picture a future, instead of now looking back and feeling good about their lives, the accomplishments, the family they helped build, they are thinking about regrets.

Surviving isn’t a flaw! It’s another example of strength that just comes packaged differently. Survival is a skill not everyone has. It could even be viewed as a talent. You think the “Survivor” series has been on the air for almost 20 years because surviving is easy? So here’s my point, be proud of living your life no matter how you do it!


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