As a baby, I knew warm hugs and smiles,
not yet aware of life’s many trials.

My child mind began to understand what I could do,
the possibilities seemed limitless; this I now know is not true.

As a young adult, I started to feel the stress,
Having to learn life’s strategies, like a game of chess.

Here I come adulthood, completely unprepared;
No one told me the things of which I’d be scared.

It all seemed so cruel, the things people did.
I’d keep it bottled up, refusing to open the imaginary lid.

I mastered the happy face, day in and day out,
But deep in my soul, battling each depressive bout.

Life’s not been at all what I expected,
Feeling like one of God’s children that He has rejected.

So, here I stand at the crossroads, wondering which way to go,
Asking myself if I can find a way to stop sinking so low.


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