Growing up is hard and let’s face it, it only gets harder. With each year comes more responsibilities, prices increase more than salaries, kids come along, etc. Taking care of your mental health should be a priority, because if you don’t manage it, it will manage you!

So I’m going to break down mental health self-care for you.

What to do: Plan for your self care. Whatever you opt for, whether it’s therapy, meditation, exercise or some other activity, you need to make a plan to give yourself that time. You may feel like you’re too busy but it takes less time for self-care than it does to fix the effects from the lack of self-care.

How to do it: The most important step in the how is to be honest with yourself. Admit when you’re stressed or overwhelmed or anxious and try to understand why. This way when you’re doing your self-care, you are aware of what stressors you’re relieving.

You are in charge – Be responsible for yourself. A big part of dealing with one’s own mental health is being kind and patient with one’s own self and giving yourself permission to feel so you have the opportunity to heal.

When you learn to be honest with yourself, you’ll know when you need to up your self-care or when you can push yourself. Honesty also allows you to know when you need outside help. Sometimes we can’t do it alone, and that’s okay! By being honest, you stay aware of when you need to reach out for help.


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