I read an article in the paper today. It was about a family in Eastern Kentucky whose house was damaged beyond repair from the recent floods. They had used their savings for a down payment on the house, which they closed on 6 days prior to the flood. The house is unlivable now and they are staying at the parsonage of their local church.

You may ask why I’m writing about it. Well, it turns out that FEMA, who is helping flood victims that were uninsured at the time of the flood, cover expenses and repairs, has denied this family’s claim because they haven’t lived in the home long enough.

Can you imagine? My heart sank and I sit here willing myself to get up and start my day but I’m beyond sad for them. I’m trying to figure out how the government that puts numerous rules, regulations and taxes on its citizens can turn its back on someone in genuine need because a situation doesn’t fit perfectly in their round hole of “criteria”. I think they often forget there are people behind those claim forms.

So I just want whomever is reading this article to know, you’re not just an email address or a name to me. You’re a person and you matter!


  1. This is Jeanette your cousin from Marie and Skip Nielsen (Somerville,NJ) I don’t know if you remember me. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen you. But I deal with major depression. I was just talking to your Mom and she told me about you book and blog. I’m going to follow you. I just came out of a very dark place, almost suicidal. It scared the hell out of me. I made myself do things to get out of it. I still deal with it every day but never like I was last winter.

    • Hi Jeanette. Yes, I remember you! I’m so sorry you’ve been in the darkness. It’s a tremendously painful place to be. I’m proud of you for continuing to take the steps forward until the worst of it passed. Please feel free to reach out anytime!


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