Something it took me a number of years to realize is what I needed from my environment in order to flourish. I’ve also watched people that have so much potential, not flourish because they are trying to live in an environment that doesn’t allow them to flourish.

I know people that are most successful when their environment looks chaotic, at least to me, and I think, how do they do that?!

But I know some people look at my environment and wonder how I flourish, because it is the exact opposite of chaotic. Dare I say, to them it looks boring.

I need a foundation of structure, quiet time and organization in order to thrive. When I tried to live in someone else’s environment of what felt like chaos, everything I did felt difficult. It wasn’t until my therapist asked me, what my ideal environment looked like, that I started to truly envision what I needed. Once I came to those realizations, I began to accomplish my goals more easily and was even able to become a better friend and family member because I wasn’t living my life in the eye of the storm any longer.

So, I encourage you to visualize what type of environment feels the most suited for you. Doing that will enable you to make better decisions about if your actions are moving you closer to your ideal environment or further away.

I will also say this, if you have struggled in your past and you are around people that just seem to sit back and anticipate you struggling again, distance yourself from them. Surround yourself with people that encourage you to move forward, not waiting for you to repeat the past.


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