a person who are feeling off

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel good or bad. I just felt “off”. I know we all have those days. I couldn’t identify what was on my mind but I knew something was lingering there. I started to examine my thoughts, going into analysis mode. What could be in my subconscious that was weighing me down?

As I started dredging through all the bad stuff it could be, because let’s face it, if it were good stuff I wouldn’t feel weighed down, another thought occurred to me. It doesn’t matter! I had a lot to do today and if it was something that needed resolving right this moment, then it would be a thought in my conscious mind. 

But I did make a conscious decision. Since I wasn’t feeling quite myself, thus off, I needed to pay attention to how I reacted to things. Sometimes when I have that out of sorts feeling, I can jump to conclusions or misinterpret a comment. So I did my meditation and breathing exercises and told myself it was okay to have an off-day. It’s important to realize that we don’t always have to look to blame ourselves or others when a day doesn’t feel quite right. So I’m just going to keep moving forward today and know that I will find my balance again soon.


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